Primorska Region Consulting Center, Koper (PCC) was established in December 2007. We are an NGO, which offers free legal aid, psychological assistance and organize educational events.

Our objective is to contribute to the fair and equal society, without regard to sex, religion, race, nationality or beliefs. PCCs activities aim towards developing positive changes in the society and encouraging individuals to improve their lives. Therefore our moto is: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world” (Gandhi).

As a non-profit and people-oriented organisation we focus on the availability of our services to socially deprivileged. Most of our legal and psychological services are therefore free, some of them are chargeable at a symbolic price.

Our policy is to provide community service with special emphasis on the weakest members of the society and to highlight topical social issues. PCCs activities are driven by curiosity, innovation and creativity.

At our work we strive to directly or indirectly help building the quality of life. Our Psychological Department offers assistance in resolving personal distress, psychotherapeutic aid, programmes focused on interpersonal and public communication and educational events on the promotion of mental health. In addition, by offering free legal aid our Legal Department promotes human rights and social equality. We also organize educational events on EU Citizen’s Rights, Children`s Rights, Human Trafficking, Cyber Privacy issues and Cyber Crime issues.


Project references:

-          National Network of NGOs »MINVOS« (consortium partner),

-          Project »INTEL« (Europe for Citizens),

-          Project »YouthAdriNet« (extern experts for the
Municipality of Izola, IPA Adriatic program),

-          Project »Support Centre for Young Families« (co-financed by Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs),

-          Project »A.I.D.S.«,

-          Project »Students Against Shadow – Stop Human Trafficking«,

-          Project »Legal Aid for Female Victims of Domestic Violence«,

-          Project »Understanding Rights - Preventing Social Exclusion«,

-          Project »Raising Cybercrime Awareness Among Youth« etc.